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Monday, 31 October 2011

Great Unrest: 100 Years Since the First National Railway Strike / Fighting Unions- 1911 & Today

An upcoming event in Manchester to commemorate the centenary of the first National Railway Strike in 1911 and its relevance to the labour movement today. [See leaflet below for further details]

Saturday November 12th 2011
People's History Museum, Left Bank,
Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3ER
Tel 0161 838 9190

Bob Crow (RMT General Secretary)
Alex Gordon (RMT President)
Sam Davies (Professor of History, LJMU)
David Howell (Professor of Politics, York)

Great Unrest: 100 Years since the First National Railway Strike (Leaflet)

Monday, 24 October 2011

The State Response to 1911

This paper was written by Sam Davies (Professor of History at LJMU) who has tirelessly and meticulously sifted through records and eyewitness accounts to show how far the state was stretched by the unrest of 1911. Furthermore his research into the events of 'Bloody Tuesday' when Michael Prendergast and John Sutcliffe were shot dead by troops in the North End of Liverpool, has done a fine service in restoring the names of those two men and those that succeed them- be they family or the labour movement. It is the hope of the owners of this blog that an annual commemoration will take place on 'Bloody Tuesday'- much like the touching centenary gathering that took place this year at the Eldonians Hall off Vauxhall Road.

The State Response to 1911 - Prof. Sam Davies (LJMU)